Bed Bugs: Common Mistakes!

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When you think you have an infestation of any pests, what’s the first thing you do? Look it up on the internet. There are so many at home remedies for so many different types of pests scattered all over the internet. The only problem with this is that everything you read on the internet is not always true. This is especially true for those with a bed bug infestation. There are a lot of articles out there that state you can simply treat these invasive creatures by yourself at home. This is false, you need to consult a Toronto pest control company as soon as you feel the threat of a home invasion is happening.


 The most common mistake most people make is that they are in denial of the fact that they have an infestation. They think the bites they wake up with are from spiders or mosquitoes. This could be the case, because all bed bug bites are different. Although their bites varies to each individual they usually target areas like the face, neck, upper torso, arms, and hands. They have been noted to bite in a linear fashion in groups of three, also known as ‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’

Wash the Sheets:

There are a lot of self-help articles that claim washing your sheets in hot water will rid the bugs of your bed. This is false. Yes it is true if there were bed bugs on your sheets or clothes then they would not make it through the hot wash cycle or the hottest dryer temperature. However, you need to take in effect that you cannot wash your mattress as such. Also these pesky critters are known for spreading to night stands, headboards, or even in the drywall. This is where a trained pest control Toronto specialist comes into play. They will be able to determine where the problem is and how it can be eliminated.

Use Steam:

If you buy a hand held steam cleaner will help control the problem. This is also false. A lot of places or companies say steam cleaners are a natural, chemical free solution to your pest problem. Bed bugs are known for hiding in places where the human eye cannot see them. So finding them with a hand held steamer is not your best bet. A trained pest control specialist can use a dog to help sniff out where the they are hiding. In any case they can be in your bed, bed frame, side table, couch, chairs, and even drywall. They can get to the root cause of the problem.

Where they come from:

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to bed bugs and where they come from. A lot of people think that if you have them, then your home must be dirty and not well maintained. This is also false. They hitchhike their way into your home. They can come from your friend who is sitting on your couch after they were just at the movies. They can sneak into your luggage after your vacation. There are so many ways they can come into your home. Don’t just assume that because your friend has an infestation it means their house is dirty.

            With all of these misconceptions, it is best to call a bed bugs exterminator Toronto to rid the problem before it gets out of hand. Remember, one of these pests can multiply into 37,710 bed bugs in only nine months. This is why leaving the infestation to a pest control specialist is better than trying to deal with the problem on your own.


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Bed Bugs: Common Mistakes!

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Bed Bugs: Common Mistakes!

This article was published on 2013/09/05