How To Smarten Your Bedroom With Cheap Four Poster Bed

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A four poster bed is a great solution for those that prefer tall posts but do not want to buy canopy beds. You can add a class to your stylish bedroom with it. There are different styles can be found from colonial to traditional. It is more than a nostalgic piece of furniture that gives a very traditional look to the room.

Though it may sound too grand and out- of- reach, but in reality it is not that impractical. Traditionally they were made for large and luxury rooms. But you may afford one too if you stick to straight lines and avoid carved designs.

For many people a four poster bed is ideal for their master bedroom. It has some practical advantages too. It may prove to be an ideal one if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your home. The net of the bed can keep the mosquitoes away.  Moreover you do not need to spray those harmful chemical fumes to kill the mosquitoes.

If your pocket does not permit to buy those fashionable ones, you may convert your existing bed into a four poster bed. All you need to do is to call your carpenter who will make a few modifications. This will be a very exciting experiment without investing a lot of money.

. The material used in creating the bed might be wood or a type of metal. There are some pieces which use brass or wrought iron in the construction of the frame. It depends largely on the material what will be the cost of the piece.

To enhance the appeal you may also choose to add some curtains to the posts. But surely they will cost you more. You can select the one which is very plain in appearance or very ornate. Price of the bed also depends on what type of wood you are using. If you want to make a classic or traditional style then heavy costly wood will be the perfect choice. Lesser ornate pieces in light wood are good for a contemporary style and they are cheap four poster beds too.

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How To Smarten Your Bedroom With Cheap Four Poster Bed

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How To Smarten Your Bedroom With Cheap Four Poster Bed

This article was published on 2011/04/26