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In these busy, competitive and fast-paced times of professional life overlapping personal life, the restive nature of a sanctuary at home and a comfortable bed is truly an appealing thought for many homeowners.

However, while most homeowners are aware of the serenity afforded by a neat, tidy and made-up bed, not everyone is keenly attuned to styling their bed so it is comfortable and stylish without being overly fussy.

With a few fresh ways to style your bed in our home decorating feature here don't cost the earth and are practical, affordable tips for styling your bed with more than the easy to buy, oversized, fluffy pillows ideas other homeowners are largely dependent on.

So, while family and friends stack up big and stylish cushions with nice-looking covers, and this may be trendy too, you can go one step ahead of them and give latest fashion trends and wall-colors of your bedroom besides fabric choices for bedroom furnishings a look-up - right here!

In many ways, fashionable home decor and ensuring style features for your bed are similar to choosing your wardrobe i.e. this has to be in tune with your personality.

By following these methods, you can make your bedroom a pleasure spot, a secret hideaway or just a leisure time space only you and your loved one have access to. Read through for more than basic bed-make up tips - in our hot, new segment on home decorating for the romantic, but practical homeowner.

Pay close attention to the style of mattress you pick for your bedroom and purchase a protective cover for it to keep it from getting dirty, stained and worn out too soon. Buying classic prints or plain materials with organic weaves mixed with synthetic fibers will ensure your mattress covers need washing only once in 2 months. Moreover, if you team these with fine quality bed sheets in natural fabrics for duvets, it will ensure more zzz's with soft and easy to maintain linen. However, remember to pick a duvet size that is just right for your mattress, not too loose around or too low on the bed skirting for then it'll only look slapdash.

To make a crisp bed, pull duvets and sheets tight around the mattress and turn in covers since loose sheets look 'too lived in' and while you're out buying mattress covers, pick up one for your costly duvets too - it increases the duvet's durability and makes the bed more comfy too. The best fabric blends for bed linen that is cool, stylish and classic is Egyptian cotton, which is breathable being a natural fiber and also does not attract lint. For a romantic, fresh and stylish bedroom, pick light, neutral colours in cotton blends, which will also make the bedroom look bigger.

One quick way of styling the space around your bed is to purchase natural area rugs that are easily available at local home furnishing stores as well as online from importers and specialist manufacturers. Make sure you pick up area rugs made of pure and organic materials such as bamboo, rattan, jute or cotton, which will never go out of style! A wheat colored shag under a bed-side table, or a brightly colored, tufted area rug near the foot-side of the bed makes for a fantastic floor-seating arrangement that adds beauty, coziness and enhances the welcoming aspect of a very private space!

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Style Your Bed

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This article was published on 2010/04/03