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If you are reading this article you probably consider your dog a member of your family. Many of you would not sleep on the ground for extended periods of time and finding a comfortable place to sleep is important to you and I know that it is important to your pet. Some dogs will sleep for 16 hours per day and they will try and find a safe comfortable place to lay their heads.

The size of your dog will determine what kind of dog bed you should buy. Dogs naturally live in a den. They love spaces that envelope or cuddle them. If a dog is placed in a kennel to sleep as a puppy you will often find them there as an adult. A dog bed with sides or that are curved tend to be popular. If your dog is heavier you may want to consider a bed that will not buckle under their weight.

Puppies will require a different kind of bed vs. and older arthritic dog. It is important to note that many puppies will chew their beds apart if bored. Make sure that your puppy has plenty of things to chew on so they do not destroy their bed. If you are kennel training your puppy you may want to consider a water proof pad for the bottom of the kennel. Keep in mind most dogs will not defecate where they sleep but its better to be safe than sorry. Buying a water resistant pet bed for a puppy is a good idea. Older dogs are happier with orthopedic beds to aid in helping stiff joints.

A dog bed in many homes is considered a décor item. Many people want the pet bed to match their décor. It would be wise to measure the space that you are considering to place the dog bed. There are many fun designs that look like real beds and sofas. I would also consider the color of the pet bed Vs the color of your pet. If you have a yellow lab for instance it may not be a good idea to get a black pet bed. You will be vacuuming the pet bed two times per day just to keep it looking clean.

Buying a dog bed is fun. It is important to look for removable covers for easy cleaning. You can also buy dog beds that are anti-bacterial. Dogs love to sleep and lounge where their people are. It might be a good idea to buy a pet bed for all of the places your family spends time. It will keep your pet off you furniture and they will still feel they are part of the pack!

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The Perfect Dog Bed

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This article was published on 2010/04/01